Friday, 28 June 2019

Perseverance and perspective until victory. (Lincoln Diaz-Balart)

Here are the dates and times of the oral tests in September:  NB2 B and NI B1 B, C, D. Don't forget the written exam dates and timetable for NI B1; and NB 2 reading, listening and writing exams are on Monday 2nd starting at 9 o'clock. Details should appear on the school's webpage soon. Look at the feedback from the exams in June: NB 2 and NI B1; and check out this link, and this one. You should all continue to read, whether you have passed or not. Otherwise you will have forgotten everything by the beginning of next course. NI B1 students might find this interesting. 


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for everything.
Have a nice summer.
See you in September.

Tere Infante.

Eligio Vallejo said...

Thank you very much, Nina!
I've enjoyed a lot this year!
Have a rest and relax!
See you soon!
Eligio Vallejo