Friday 5 September 2008

Good advice for the coming course!

Have a look at the link and see what you think.


Alfredo said...

I see the photography and I think, this is not the photography of a professional photographer, but, if I see to the group, I see very happy people in front of the camera
But, if they are happy and they have not won the lottery, then I think:
“They are celebrating the end of the second course of English, with the tutor Nina”.
Congratulations to all. Alfredo.

ines_cano said...

Dear Nina
Thank you for your information. This page and your blog are very interesting. They can help me to improve my English.
I hope to see you soon.
Inés Cano

Alfredo said...

Hello Nina,
I do not have email of all, but I have sent your blog almost all, I hope that they participate in your blog.
I have opened the page,
Hhttp: /, and this is very interesting. I have opened the main menu, and I am working with listening, also I have opened the test of elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced level.
This connection helps me to practice English.
Thank you and see you soon.
Greetings, Alfredo.

nina said...

Once again, Alfredo, well done! This time for passing on the blog.
Once again you have used the American spelling for the verb "practicar". I'm sure Nohemi would like that!!!!
You have been very busy: will there be anything left for you to do on the course?

Martín said...

Dear Nina
Thank you for this blog. It´s very interesting. You do a good work with us.
I think that I need more conversation. Can you help me?
Do you know someone for speaking & listening?,please.
Perhaps Joe or a Joe´s classmate.
Thank you Nina.
Martín Delcán