Sunday 15 November 2009

Assignment : Think

This assignment is for Thanksgiving - Thursday 19th November!
Which two sentences are grammatically incorrect?

1. He chose to ignore her remarks, but I could see he was upset.
2. I know you don’t like him, but I’m afraid he insisted on coming with me.
3. Don’t worry about Mary. She’s only pretending being angry.
4. Please tell him to do the washing up.
5. I do object to people smoking at the dinner table, don’t you.
6. You can’t deny calling him a liar. I heard you!
7. Would you mind to keep quiet while I’m working!
8. There’s something wrong with the cat. It keeps sneezing.
9. There’s someone at the door demanding to see you.
10. How can one avoid making mistakes in English.


Jacinto said...

I've got a feeling that a couple of them, with strong syntactic similarity, need a little but important change. In fact, I have more than suspicions, but I'll wait and check for a bit more. (So my classmates can make their own bets too.)

nina said...

Well done, Jacinto, but very wise too with your "I'll just wait and see"!