Friday 1 January 2010

Snowed in!

Happy New Year! Here I am in Hastings, the first day of 2010, in my parents' garden. We woke up to snow and freezing temperatures.  I had intended to go jogging first thing in the morning, but thought better of it once I saw the actual weather conditions. So much for my New Year Resolution - a quick, or not so quick, jog every day.  I will, of course, be asking you about your New Year Resolutions when I get back so consider yourselves forewarned. I hope to be able to return for the start of the new term. I don't want to miss that written exam!!!! Meanwhile check out what I was singing last night with my family: Auld lang syne

1 comment:

Nohemi said...

Oh, boy!!!!!
Had I been there, would've surely died. How cold was that!!!
Give me white and warm sands of a pristine beach anywhere in the Tropics, for God's sake.
Loved teh New Year celebration and hymn, though.
See you soon. xoxo,