Wednesday, 14 April 2010

One Moment in Time

A short time ago I participated in my very first half marathon. It was in my home town so it took quite an effort to get there. My flight was delayed over two hours and I suffered a serious bout of car sickness on the way down but ... what can I say? It was quite an experience. Click here just to get into the spirit of things.
Now try this one, but DON'T BLINK WHATEVER YOU DO, most of the participants were taller and bigger than me (!) - if you blink, YOU WILL NOT SEE ME!
And YES,  I finished the gruelling course - almost a third is uphill; but NO, I didn't win any medals. My prize was the satisfaction of finding out that I could do it. I hope I can participate next year.


Cinta Narváez said...

Oh, Nina, you're fantastic.I´m surprised you every step.When and where was that? Regards, Cinta.

nina said...

Hastings, 21st March. I have to admit, Cinta, I did feel fantastic afterwards.

la clase de dora said...

Congratulations, Nina!It's amazing!I admire your srength.

nina said...

Thank you, Josefi. Likewise, I admire yours and your colleagues´ - turning up regularly for the rigorous EOI training sessions!