Thursday 21 October 2010

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Thank you, Cristina R, for recommending these podcasts, especially number 27 (the results of a research project). There are, however, a number of interesting ones, so there is plenty of material for you to practise listening to English. Don't forget to continue working on your webquest project which means you must keep in touch and organise yourselves and your work. This is all about teamwork.


Marta F. said...

I agree with Nina about podcast, which are very interesting and useful for continue practising English; but I have any doubt: how can I download or copy these podcast in order to listen to them in my mp3?

gracia said...

Hi guys! I have found very interesting and useful the listenings. You can found many situations to practice.

gracia said...

Marta, I know how to download the podcast.It´s very easy.You only have to click at the top of the LearnOutLoud´s box!

nina said...

Temperatures are dropping, but things are warming up at NA2A! Share your links, share your opinions and doubts and you will see just how many opportunities there are to practise and improve your English. Well done and keep it up!