Monday 11 March 2013

Before marriage, a man declares that he would lay down his life to serve you; after marriage, he won't even lay down his newspaper to talk to you. (Helen Rowland)

Check out the differences between broadsheet newspapers and tabloids. Then read up on the language of newspapers and more specifically that of headlines. I did  these exercises with students the year before so hopefully they will help you with this year's exercises! Practical English Usage by Michael Swan (see materials and teaching resources, page 22, for  this course) has a great section on newspaper headlines.
You can  also listen to the BBC World Service


María said...

An aunt of mine, noticed that her husband_ who was reading his newspaper_ was not listening to what she was telling him, decided to light a match and approached it to the paper, which began to burn. He had to drop it, asking her what on earth she was doing. She replied that nothing but trying to draw his attention.

Marta F. said...

I can't open two of the links you've attached: either the bbc nor the "this course" link(althought I imagine this last link goes to the programation of the course, so I can look at it by other way)
I don't know if the problem is mine or of the conecction between links and information.
It's only to warn you.

gracia said...

Marta, I can help you a little. It´s recommended that you try to open the links again and I warn you that the bbc link is in live. The server is sometimes
too busy.I hope you get it.

Marta F. said...

Thanks, Gracia. You go on being our Internet expert!
You always get around to solving our technical problems!

MARÍA JOSÉ said...

Nina, I can,t open the links on your e-mail.

nina said...

I'm so sorry for not commenting on your comments but I was too busy concentrating on the upcoming Hastings Half Marathon. It's now history, of course. I just wanted to get in the mood for our next topic which includes a bit of sport!