Tuesday 3 February 2009

Shrove Tuesday

Hello everyone, and a special mention for N Rwho has been very patient waiting for a new entry to this blog! So here is the next assignment:
What and when is Shrove Tuesday. Click on this link to investigate.
(C N), I can already see you getting out the eggs and flour!


Nieves Revillarte said...

Welcome Nina.
Thanks a lot for the mention, I'm very pleased for your return after Christmas. We were really anxious to get news from you again. See you on Monday,

PEteacher said...

Hi Nina:
I'm Inés.Last Tuesday I tryed to send you by e-mail the pages of Roald Dahl's book wich i comment you, but the e-mail returned to me. I sent it to the e-mail direction wich i take from EOI list. Is it wrong?. Where can i send you the pages? Ask me by e-mail, please.

nina said...

Ok, Inés have finally got the file. And thank you Nieves for participating with your comments and such a kind welcome. See you on Monday!

Cinta Narváez said...

Hi Nina, thanks for inviting us to participate here. I'm not sure of having enough time for it. However, I'll try to enter and tell you about me.Cinta.